prepared & fearless

Our Story

Hey y’all it’s Krysta. Creator of The Ready Ark. I want to tell you a little about The Ready Ark and why it’s so important to me. The Ready Ark was created as a family, for a family to help you prepare for the many storms of life. Todd and I met in Utah in April, 2000 and were married exactly one year later. 4 children and many memories later, we left family and friends behind and moved to Texas in 2012 – which is where the story of The Ready Ark begins.

Our Big Idea

Texas is home to multiple tornadoes and floods. The devastating effects of natural disasters have been seen throughout the world and close to home. As all parents can relate, the moment you hold your child in your arms for the first time, their safety becomes your top priority. You would do anything in your power to keep your family protected. But often it’s out of our hands. The Ready Ark was made to provide families and individuals with peace of mind when tragedy strikes.